Sunday, July 31, 2016



Beware of Shenzhen HongYan Electronic Limited Company. Their website address is or I did not receive the items that I ordered to them last JUNE 19, 2014.
June 2014
 I talked to their agent named “JOLLY” and I paid the items that I ordered to their Paypal i.d. which is amounting to 101.85 USD. I did not receive the items on the expected date of delivery and after few more days of waiting for the products that I ordered, “Jolly” insisted not to report to Paypal for a refund but instead to talk with the shipping company in Bangkok which is PS SPORT CARGO ( located in Pahonyothin, Bangkok and ask for compensation. Because of our constant communication, I just followed what she said and went to the shipping company. When I was there, they found out that it was picked-up already by a car with the signature of the receiver. I tried to complain to them about the security but they cannot review the CCTV anymore because they said it was deleted when I tried to ask for other details about the person who picked-up my products. I also talked to the owner of the shipping company in Bangkok but he refused to give back the compensation amount of the products that I expected to receive. I went to the nearest police station in Bangkok but the police woman told me that I have to go to another police station in Chaengwattana. I wasn’t able to do it because I only got a limited time and I needed to go back to my work. After 30 days, Jolly did not reply to any of my e-mails. So I tried to request for a refund on PAYPAL but the Paypal has only 30 days policy. That’s when I realized why Jolly doesn’t want to respond anymore to all the e-mails that I sent it’s because I cannot do anything anymore.

I’m still sending e-mails to Jolly of Hong Yan Company until I received a reply in JULY 2016. She asked for my Wechat ID to talk about it more. Her mobile number is +8613823641946. She told me to report it to Alibaba. After telling me all the steps, I followed it and Alibaba says that I need to wait for few days for a result. I got the result which is they cannot tell the company to refund my payment because it’s been more than a year already according to their buyer protection policy. Then I started to communicate again to “Jolly” about this but she’s not responding to all my messages anymore until now. So please be very careful and do not to trust them. Since then, I am not making any business transactions in CHINA anymore as well as to PS SPORT CARGO in Bangkok. Lesson learned.

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