Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hat Yai, Thailand to Penang Island, Malaysia by Van (Land Travel)

One convenient way to travel from Hat Yai to Penang is by van. There are many travel agencies that you can find in the center or downtown of Hat Yai that offer transportation services going to Penang Island. I chose to take the last trip of the van from Hat Yai at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The cost of the fare is exactly 400 Thai Baht. The van can leave even if there are still some vacant seats. 
van hat yai thailand to penang island malaysia mini bus land travel
Van from Hat Yai, Thailand to Penang, Malysia

The travel time is about 4-6 hours depending on how many people are coming in and out of the border. You should never forget your passport or any travel documents. The passport control will check if you are not overstaying in Thailand.

Immigration checkpoint at Sadao Border Thailand Malaysia
Immigration checkpoint at Sadao Border
  The fine for overstaying is 500 THB a day until maximum of 20, 000 THB. If you don’t have any problem with your visa, the immigration officer will give an exit stamp on any of your passport page. Be sure that your passport is still valid at least 6 months before it expires and it has 3-5 blank pages for stamp or VISA.
Immigration in Thailand passport control Malaysia
Immigration in Thailand
The immigration in Malaysia will ask you some questions if that will be your first time to travel in the country. Be sure that you already have a valid VISA if you're going there.
Immigration in Malaysia passport control  Thailand
Immigration in Malaysia

You can exchange your THB or any money for MYR or Malaysian Ringgit. There are many money changer shops as well in the downtown of Hat Yai usually inside the hotels. 1 MYR is roughly equals to 8 THB
malaysia rinngit MYR money bank notes
Malaysian Ringgit or MYR
There are so many cheap hostels in Penang especially on CHULIA Street. That is the equivalent of KHAO SAN ROAD in Bangkok. There are also many tourists out there mostly for VISA renewal or application at the THAI EMBASSY in Penang.
cheap but good hostel in Penang Island.

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