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How to Process a NON-B VISA in Thailand

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Foreign people who wish to live and work in Thailand must apply for a NON-B VISA. This kind of visa will help you to stay in Thailand in longer duration while you are working at the same time. This visa is also a requirement for processing a work permit.

Here are the list of requirements needed for the application of NON-B VISA:

1. A letter to the IMMIGRATION (Chaengwattana branch) from your school or agency
2. Employment certification
3. A copy of contract
4. Application form TM.87 that can you get at the Immigration
5. Original and copy of passport, including the last stamp from your exit that is still valid for more than 2 weeks from the issued date, the front page, and the arrival card page
6. Original and copy of your Diploma
7. 1 pc. of  photo (4 cm x 6 cm)
8. Original and copy of your TOIEC score (usually more than 600 points) for teachers who are non-native English speaker
9. 2,000 Baht for the Non-B Visa Fee
10. Other Authorization papers from your school or agency

Remember, all of the documents coming from your school or agency must be stamped (ex. school stamp), otherwise, your application will be forfeited.

If you have all of these, go the Immigration at Chaengwatthana, Bangkok. The Thai name for the Immigration is TOH MO and there are lots of ways to go there. For those who are near The Mall Ngam Wong Wan, you can a TAXI and take the Pracha Cheun Road going straight and U-turn to the Immigration. For those who are from the Victory monument, take the white air-conditioned bus number 522 going to the Mall Ngam Wong Wan and then by TAXI. The fare for the bus is 17 Baht and for the Taxi is around 65-90 Baht. It is more convenient to take a ride by TAXI because the building which is called The Government Complex is huge.

At the entrance, there will be a security check just like at the airport. You have to get a tray and put all your belongings with metal then go through the rectangular x-ray machine. After you passed the security check, just walk for about 15 meters, you will see a glass door on your right side when you're facing the escalator or the stairs. Go to the information area and ask for the TM. 87 form if you don't have it yet and the officer will tell you as well what to write on it. Then proceed inside and find the queueing machine. Get a queue number for the application of NON-B. Wait for your number to be called. When you're called, give all of the requirements  to the officer. If there's no problem, give your passport and the 2,000 Baht Non-B Visa Fee then go back to your seat at the waiting area. Your name will be called after the officer stamped the NON-B Visa on your passport with a receipt for the 2,000 Baht. You should check if the passport is yours and the stamp is 3 months valid from the current date of your application. If everything is fine, you can leave and prepare the requirements for the EXTENSION of your NON-B Visa.

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