Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Process the Extension of Non-B Visa in Thailand

When you already have a NON-B VISA stamp on your passport page, the schedule of your Extension Visa should be done before it expires. Usually for 1 or 2 weeks in advance, you can already process it. But you should prepare first the following below:

1. A letter to the Immigration from the school or the agency with stamp (like the school stamp)
2. Employment Certification with stamp
3. Recommendation letter from the school with stamp
4. A copy of teaching license or exemption letter from the Teacher's Council of Thailand
5. A copy of contract with your signature on all of the pages
6. Original and copy of passport of the NON-B Visa stamp page, arrival card page, and the front page with your signature
7. A copy of your diploma with signature
8. A copy of your work permit pages 2-3, 23-27
9. 1 pc Photo size 4cmx 6cm
10. 2,000 baht Extension Fee
11. Other Authorization papers from your school or agency with stamp

Once you prepared these requirements, you can go to the nearest Immigration office and not to Chaengwatthana anymore. Get a queue number for processing the extension visa and wait for it to be called. When your number is called, proceed to the counter and present to the officer all the documents that you have and give the fee of 2, 000 Baht. If there will be no problem, you will be called by another person in charge for picture taking. Then, another officer will double check all the requirements as well as the validity of your passport. If there's no problem, he will inform you your next show-up to the Immigration for the 90 days reporting. Then he will show the stamp of your extended NON-B and the receipt. The officer will remind you also to get a re-entry permit if you plan to travel outside Thailand.

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