Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yong Heng Herbal Solution

Yong Heng Herbal Solution----the best herbal product in the world from Join and Coin Corporation.

Yong Heng Herbal Solution is an all natural medicine liquid that is made from 30 unique Chinese herbs.  There are three different bottle sizes available for everyone.  This will help you and your family to obtain an optimum level of health and total balance of the body. 

Below are the benefits of taking Yong Heng 5ml twice a day regularly :
  1. Improve or cure chronic allergy and asthma
  2. Improve memory and immune system
  3. Alleviate arthritis, back pain, lower back pain and sprain
  4. Improve or cure liver disease (type B & C) pre or intermediate stage
  5. Improve digestive system & neutralize excessive stomach acid
  6. Improve kidney function, virility and sexual stamina
  7. Reduce prostate enlargement, improve urine flow
  8. Control premature ejaculation & prolong erection
  9. Prevent all kinds of cancer
  10. Reduce or stop uterus cyst growth
  11. Regulate and balance hormone & reduce pain when cramping
  12. Cure eyes disease & improve hearing impairment
  13. Reduce blood cholesterol and normalize blood sugar
  14. Improve overall circulation system for those with poor blood circulation
  15. Improve numbness and cold extremities
  16. Improve sleeplessness during the night.
  17. Improve or cure hemorrhoid
  18. Eliminate drug addiction & alcoholic
  19. Eliminate unwanted fat in the body
  20. Promote overall physical fitness

Prices as of November 2016

                 Member of J&C      Regular Price in Thailand only                 Rest of the World
175 ml-      750 Thai Baht        800 Thai Baht + Shipping Fee          35.55  USD + Shipping Fee
400 ml-   1,650 Thai Baht        1,900 Thai Baht + Shipping Fee           68  USD + Shipping Fee
730 ml-   2,900 Thai Baht        3,300 Thai Baht + Shipping Fee     111.47 USD + Shipping Fee

For orders and other inquiries, please call:
Rae Rivera
Thailand Mobile: +66 81-422-4279      
Philippines Mobile: +63 920-143-7604
USA Mobile: +1 415 766-0404

For customers and re-sellers outside Thailand, please contact me for more details.