Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Free Calls to 35 Countries Around the World

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It's all about free.

Dial over 2.5 billion phone numbers for free in high-quality! 
New free-call locations are opening up constantly!

Dingaling is a service allowing you to make free local and long distance calls from your smart phone, or local and long distance calls from the web at excellent rates.

Phone regardless of whether or not the other person has the Dingaling app. Want to call a friend living abroad? Dial away! Travelling and want to make dinner reservations? Phone free! Grandma can't figure out how to talk on video chat? Call her house phone!

Free Worldwide Communication

They currently offer free international calling to over 2.5 billion people worldwide and free worldwide messaging to everyone with an iOS or Android device. We are expanding everyday, and constantly opening new free-call regions. If your area hasn't been opened to free calling yet, check back often because it might be next.

With Dingaling you're free to call!

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