Friday, December 19, 2014

Free Calls and Text to Philippines

Good news to all the Filipinos around the world! You can now get your own Philippine SMART/Talk 'N Text mobile number and use it for sending and receiving SMS, incoming or outgoing calls!
Introducing the TALK2 app!

Talk2 (by Voyager Innovations Inc.) allows you to have a Philippine number so that your family and friends can call and SMS you at local rates. No need for a Roaming activated SIM.

You may also send free SMS to Smart and Talk 'N Text mobile numbers! And for a limited time only, enjoy free voice minutes to Smart and Talk'NText. Enjoy the cheapest voice packages and enjoy calling your loved ones directly at their mobile phones! No need to buy multiple call cards or pay for expensive IDD rates! Switch to Talk2 now to enjoy reaching out to your loved ones in the Philippines like you never left home.
- Own a Philippine number! No need for a second phone or Philippine SIM with roaming.
- Be called and texted as if you are in the Philippines.
- Call the Philippines at the most affordable rates.
- Free SMS to Smart and Talk'NText subscribers. 

*Receive calls & SMS from Smart & Talk 'N Text
*Internet connection is required when using Talk2 mobile app.

Important Notice: For the latest version of the app, there's no more referral code but you'll still get free 50 SMS every month after your successful registration.

Android app: DOWNLOAD
Apple app: DOWNLOAD  

NOTE: Get additional 5 minutes of calls and 500 SMS to SMART and TALK 'N TEXT for FREE!, just insert this VOUCHER CODE:  TALK2QAK 

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Where can I get the Talk2 App?
The Talk2 app can be downloaded for free from the Android's Google Play Store. Simply search for "Talk2" and look the for Talk2 app by Voyager Innovations Inc. It will soon be available on the iTunes AppStore.

What devices work with Talk2?
Talk2 works with any Android phone/tablet with Android OS version 4.1 and up. It will also be soon available for Apple devices with iOS version 6 and up.

What services are offered by Talk2?
Talk2 features include Voice Calls and SMS to and from mobile subscribers of Smart and Talk N Text. Talk2 can be used for app-to-app (Talk2 to Talk2) or app-to-mobile communication (Talk2 to Smart and Talk ‘N Text mobile users).

Is an internet connection required when using Talk2?
Yes. The Talk2 app should have an internet connection in order for you to enjoy outgoing and incoming calls and SMS to and from Philippine mobile numbers.

What makes the Talk2 App different?
With Talk2, you get a Philippine mobile number for free, with teh simplicity of an app. You can send and receive SMS for free and receive unlimited calls like you never left home. Finally, you can call to Philippine mobile numbers at the most affordable rates!

How does the Talk2 mobile app work?
Simply download from Google Play Store or Itunes App store and register. You’ll be assigned your very own Philippine number within seconds!

Is the registration for a Talk2 Mobile Account free?
Yes. Upon registration, you also get a Philippine mobile number for free.

I'm changing to a new Android phone, can I continue using my Talk2 number and keep my credits?
Yes. Simply download the Talk2 App on your new Android phone, then enter the same mobile number that you used to get your Talk2 number. Your Talk2 credit will be retained as well. However, note that if you register using a different mobile number, you will be assigned a different Talk2 number.

What's my Talk2 number and what do I need it for?
Your Talk2 number will be used by your friends and family to contact you just like any other Philippine mobile number.

Can I use my Talk2 Account simultaneously in two different devices?

How much does it cost to call using the Talk2 mobile app?
The $5 package gives you unlimited texting to Philippine mobile numbers; receive calls and texts for free. The $10 package gives you the same benefits as the $5 package with an addition of 60 minutes free calls to Philippine mobile numbers. The $20 package gives you the same benefits as the $10 package but with 130 minutes free calls to Philippine mobile numbers. You may refer to the package section of the Talk2 website for more details.

How much does it cost to send a text message?
Talk2 comes with free 100 SMS to send to Philippine mobile numbers (currently for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers). Once you avail of any package, you can send and receive unlimited SMS for free!

How do I check my balance?
Simply tap on the Main Menu (left drawer) inside the Talk2 App.

How can I buy packages and more credits for my Talk2 mobile account?
You can load credits by tapping on the main menu (left drawer) and selecting "Purchase Package" if you want to buy via Paypal or Credit Card. You can also tap on "Use Voucher" if you have a pin number or promo code.

Where can I avail of Talk2 Top-Up Cards?
Top-Up cards will soon be available on our official website,

Do credits or balance expire?
Packages/credits are valid for 30 days.

Until when can I keep my assigned Philippine number?
Your Talk2 number will remain active for as long as it has credits, or as long as it is being used.

Is sharing/passing of credit/balance possible?

Can I recover my old Talk2 number? If not, how do I avail of a new Talk2 account?
No. Once a Talk2 number has been deactivated, it may not be reconnected (similar to Prepaid mobile numbers). To use the Talk2 App again after deactivation, simply uninstall the app on your phone and download it again. Re-install the app and repeat the registration process to be assigned a new Talk2 number.

Can I use the Talk2 mobile app in calling international lines?
Not at the moment. Talk2 currently supports calls and SMS to and from Smart and Talk 'N Text subscribers. Other networks will be supported soon.

Will I be charged for incoming calls or SMS?
No, you will not be charged for incoming calls/SMS. You will be able to receive unlimited incoming calls for as long as you are subscribed to any of the available packages.

If I have the Talk2 mobile app, can I receive calls or messages from a non-Talk2 App user?
Yes, if you are using the Talk2 mobile app, you can receive calls or messages from Smart and Talk 'N Text subscribers.

How will I know if my Talk2 App is active and ready to receive calls and text messages?
To ensure that your Talk2 App is active and ready to receive call and SMS, tap on the Talk2 app's main menu (left drawer) to see your credits.

Should I use the native phone dialpad or the Talk2 dialpad?
Always use the Talk2 dialpad when using Talk2 to call or send messages to ensure you benefit from Talk2 packages.

Can I call any of my contacts that do not have the Talk2 App?
Yes. With Talk2, you can call any of your Philippine contacts who use Smart and Talk 'N Text.

How do I import my mobile contacts to my Talk2 account?
All your mobile contacts will be imported automatically in your Talk2 account.

Who can I contact for inquiries and assistance?
You may contact for inquiries.

How can I purchase Talk2 packages and more credits?
Tap on the Talk2 app's main menu and tap on "Purchase Package". You may purchase via Paypal or directly using your credit card.

Can I use the Talk2 App on smartphones provided by other Telco providers?


  1. how can i delete my calls list.

  2. "Purchase Package" i cannot find in the main menu it show the top up only.

    1. Please make sure you've got the latest version of the app and your credit card is registered to your google account.

  3. how can i get my free 500 sms credit?talk2 told me that i have received 500 free sms but then on the main menu it only shows 100 free sms,,thank you

    1. Because of the update, the free SMS decreased to 50 now. Lucky that you've got 100 free SMS.

  4. hallo.. i am an iphone5user.. i installed TAlK2... it was successful but one thing i am concerned about is i cannot see what is my Code number.. so i can share it to others too.. anybody can help me? thank you..:-)

    1. There's no more referral code for the latest version of the app.

  5. How much does it cost for the Philippines when they reply to your SMS? If they subscribe on unlitext, will they be charge when they send message to Talk2 subscriber?

    1. It's free if they are subscribed to Unlimited calls/texts, then regular charges if not.

  6. customer service sucks! they don't attend to queries immediately, not even acknowledgement or confirmation.

  7. how can i uesd 130 promo how to regester this promo pls.reply

  8. is there any app like this that is available here in the ph that can be use to txt to all networks

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. entered verification code, but says system error please try again, and thats all it does. any help??

    1. hi!for android user. pls go to apps manager and clear data, then it will work.


  12. This is fake??how many times they try to call in this fake telecommunication...I waste a lot of Japanese money...

  13. this code just contain 50sms, no calls at all

  14. This is a real joke , each time it get close to my end of the month,
    It would say to update , when I update , it would just make you to restart again, and I lost my load , because of it . If all asking about your code ,
    You need to have your mobile number, so they SMS your code ,


    1. send sms code via my sms mobile# +639192616111

      summer s,
      angeles city ph

    2. send me sms code via text my cel# +639192616111

  16. System error diyor kac gündür duzelmedi neden ?

  17. How to change registered number ?
    How to deatcivate my account

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