Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unlimited FREE calls from Thailand to Philippines

Call your family, relatives, and friends anywhere in the Philippines by dialing the access number below:


-An English speaking operator will answer your call. Give the mobile number you want to call and your name. Wait until you hear the person you want to talk with.
-This FREE Unlimited Call service is valid until November 22, 2013 only.
-Call all mobile networks in the Philippines.

-If your android phone says "call not sent" after you dialed the access code, try using a free voip software like viber or rebtel. Use their dial pad to dial the access number, press call, and then place a "regular call" instead.

Share this good news to all FILIPINOS in THAILAND!
Thank you THAILAND!!!


  1. Nice! Thanks so much! -- Gly

  2. I used it already!
    thank you!

  3. How many times can we use it? Thank you..

  4. ayaw naman makacall sa number na iyan eh

  5. Can someone tell me how to do this? You mean even if you don't have enough credits on your phone?

  6. But it's not working. I did all the instructions and I can't get through?

  7. Thnx you..bat ayaw nmn eh..dail nmn aq pero n aq m call ..

  8. ah,k..i'm late to know it,hope there will be next time..