Monday, November 28, 2011

Job Overseas for Adventist Filipinos

A Forwarded message from Pastor Jing Galang ( former Central Luzon Conference President and currently the head of the Communication Dept.)

AG&P Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc.

Hi Brethren,
I am sharing with you the Big Plan outlined by the Communication Dept. on how you may support the Hope Channel. I am inviting all our SDA members to find good jobs at this time for survival. The Lord has shown his directions to get the Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Corporation to be the "Canaan", opening 10,000 job opportunities for SDA member without any compromise on their Sabbath work. Soon will be a memorandum of Understanding with Amazing Grace Media Production Department, of CLC involving ASI, Livelihood, Stewardship & Personal Ministries with AG&P thing coming December 2011 in a 5 star Hotel in Makati to seal agreement. I chose to disseminate the information with clearance from the Vice President for the HR to get this piece of information foremost with our jobless members seeking job opportunities. I was informed by the vice president of HR should our members be hired that they have some provisions of a FREE Board & Lodging to some workers on a different field.
Please indicate your preferred position/s & send by e-mail to ms. Donna Marie Caguinbal at or a scanned copy of the following:
> Curriculum Vitae or Resume
> Colored Passport size picture w/ white background
> Diploma
> Transcript of Records
> Employment Certificates
> National Certification Level (for skilled personnel)
> Barangay / Police / NBI Clearance
You may also leave these requirements in a long brown envelope w/ Gate Guard, or send them by courier to Recruitment Department, Human Resources Division, AG&P Co of Manila, San Roque 4201 Bauan Batangas. Deadline for submission of applicants is on Thursday 29th of December 2011.

In Preparation for its various local & overseas projects starting First Quarter 2012,AG&P Co. of Manila is now pooling applicants for the following positions:

Architectural Foreman
Blaster/ Painter
Blasting/ Painting Foreman
Carpenter/ Mason
Civil Works Foreman
Crane/ OHC Operator
Driller / Machinist
Drilling & Machining Foreman
E&I Foreman
Electrician/ Technicians
Equipment Installer/ Millwright
Fire Proofing Crew
Fire Protections Crew
Fire Protection Foreman
Fire Prooofing Foreman
Fire Proofing Installer
HVAC Foreman
HVAC Technician
Hydrotesting Crew
Hydrotesting Foreman
Instrument fitter
Insttrument Technician
Insulation Foreman
Layout & Cutter
Material Handling Foreman
Mechanical Fitter
Mechanical Foreman
Metal Roofing & Sliding
Pipe Fitters
Pipe Welders
Piping Foreman
PWHT Foreman
PWHT Technician
Rigging Foreman
Rod Tender Scaffolder
Scaffolding Foreman
Structural Erector
Structural Fitters
Structural Foreman
Structural Welders
Testing & Pre- Commisioning Foreman
TEsting Crew
Tinsmitt/ Cladding Installer
Weighing & Load Out Foreman
Weighing Crew
Welding Foreman
Account Clerk
Administration Head
Administrative Support
Architectural Works Supervision
Area Superintendent
CADD Operator/ Detailer
Civil Works Supervisor
Commisioning Head
Commission Supervisor
Construction Manager
Contract/ Change Management Engineer
Contract Engineer & Change Management
Cost Engineer
Dimensional Control Supervisor
Discipline Engineer
Disipline Superintendant
Document Controller
Drilling Machining Supervisor
E & I Engineeering Head
E & I Engnineeering Supervisor
E & I Supervisor
Engineering Manager
Field Engineer
Field Engineer Head
Fil Interpreter
Finance Head
Fire Protection Works Supervisor
Fire Proofing Supervisor
Insulation Supervisor
Insulator / Painter
Issuing Clerk
Layout & Cutting Supervisor
Lead Engineeer
Material Control Engineer
Material Controller
Material Handling Supervisor
Material Management Supervisor
Mechanical Supervisor
Monitoring Engineer
NDE Technician
NDT Supervisor
Painting Supervisor
Payroll Clerk
Piping Engineering Head
Piping Engineering Supervisor
Planning/ Scheduling Engineer
Production Shop Head
Project Control Engineer
Project Conntrol Head
Project Control Supervisor
Project Coordinator
Project Engineer
Project Engineer Representative
Project Manager
PWHT Supervisor
PWHT Technician
QA Engineer
QC Engineer
QC Inspector
Quality Assuarance supervisor
Quality Control Head
Quality control Supervisor
Quality Surveyor
Receiving Clerk
Safety Coordinator
Safety Engineer
Safety Head
Safety Supervisor
Scaffolding Supervisor
Senior Project Control Engineer
Senior Safety Officer
Shop Engineer
Site Manger Structural
Engineering Head
Structural Engineering Supervisor
Structural Fabrication head
Structural Supervisor
Warehouse Supervisor
Weighing Supervisor
Weighing Coordinator
Welding Engineer
Welding Specialist
 God Bless Us All!


  1. Hello, as an American, I will say, that I have not heard of these opportunities...will try searching the net for info.

  2. One more thing: If this is a secular company, I believe that here, they are making this available to you, b/c they plan to pay much less. This will be fine, as long as your ppl will plan to come/live with others of the faith, to compensate for this. Do not get caught without, as other foreign employees have, then become homeless.
    this is why America has been hiring foreign ppl. So plan accordingly ..may GOD direct and guide you Sda brothers and sisters.GOD BLESS

  3. hello anonymous! yes this is unusual but it's great. if you can find some info about this, pls inform us. And I have no idea on how much the salary is, but I know it would be helpful for them and to the TV ministry of Adventists here in the Philippines.

  4. i like,, thanks god that whe hve afortunity like this

  5. baket nd po makapag register ng UA15?? dtu xa Q.C??/