Thursday, July 7, 2011

Latest NBI Clearance Advisory

Here's the latest advisory for NBI Clearance Application starting July 4, 2011. 

Photo by: NBI
Preview of July 6 2011 Application of NBI Clearance.
To see the preview video of all clips (problematic reality), click here.
To see the preview video of all clips (good side reality), click here.

To see the FULL VIDEO of July 5 2011 National Bureau of Investigation application at Robinsons Mall Ermita Manila, play it below or go to

Below is the FULL VIDEO of July 6, 2011 NBI Clearance Application at Rob Mla. or visit it on youtube.

Additional Requirements:

1. 1 pc. 2x2 Colored picture (white background)
2. 2 Valid I.Ds like PRC, Passport, NSO Birth Certificate, Postal ID, SSS, TIN, Company ID, Barangay ID, Voter's ID

1.  The Mall opens at 10 a.m. and you'll have to wait for it before you can come in and apply for the clearance located at the basement parking. The entrance is on Sta. Monica wing between Photoline and Sun Cellular Shop.

2.  You can bring food and anything like PSP, Ipad, netbook games inside (bec. it could make you feel boring while waiting but at your own risk), and also fan because there's no enough ventilation.


  1. haha!! TRUE lalooo.. :)

  2. dont forget the word "WAIT" :)

  3. what if wala pong fingerprints because of dry fingers??

  4. went to renew my nbi in Robinson manila, but they no longer open on Saturdays. The sad part is, i just check on the website a day before I went there. Kainis lang, kasi hindi updated ang sinasabi nilang UPDATE