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Smart Money and Other Money Services

What is SMART Money?

SMART Money ang bagong pambayad ng bayan! Pambayad ng allowance pati iba pang bayarin, pambayad ng load, pambayad ng bills, pambayad ng services at shopping. Go to For inquiries, call 15177 using ur cellphone or 845-7777 thru landline OR visit the nearest Wireless Center.

Features and Benefits

SMART Money enables you to transfer money to another SMART Money account or number; Purchase transactions at MasterCard establishments or any SMART Money accredited merchants; Reload a Buddy/TNT/Bro account using your cellphone; Pay your SMART Gold, SMART Bro, PLDT bills; Get free text notification for every transaction; Transfer of money from your bank account to a SMART Money account via mobile banking.

Account Balance Inquiry

To know your SMART Money account balances, go to SMART Menu) select SMART Money) select Balance, press OK) select Card Account you like to check, press OK) enter your W-PIN, press OK. Wait for SMS notification about your SMART Money Balance. P2.50/trxn


Over the counter

Over the Counter: Go to any SMART Wireless Center, Banco De Oro (BDO)* branches nationwide, or to any SMART Money Accredited Outlets. Minimum deposit is P500. Cash reloading transaction is FREE of charge. To find the SMART Wireless Center near you, text SWCTR to 386. To find the SMART Money Center near you, Text SMCTR to 386. P5.0/text will be charged to airtime balance.


Wallet-to-wallet transfer - To transfer money to another SMART Money account Go to your SMART Menu ) SMART Money ) Transfer ) Others ) Enter the SMART Money account number or cellphone number of recipient ) OK. Once Transfer from is shown on screen, select from your list of card names, then press OK. Key in amount ) Enter WPIN ) OK. Wait for confirmation message. P2.50/request.

Mobile Banking Service

Mobile Banking Service - To reload your Smart Money account from your enrolled MBS account, go to SMART Menu ) SMART Money ) Reload Money ) Press OK ) Choose the recipient SMART Money account to reload ) Select bank type ) Press OK ) Select source bank account ) Enter reload amount ) Press OK ) Enter MBS M-PIN. Wait for confirmation. P2.50/request.

Load Connect Machines

Load Connect Machines at select SMART Wireless Centers: Deposit cash to ur SMART Money Account by visiting nearest Wireless Center and look for the load Connect Machine. Reload thru Load Connect w/ real time deposit. Just bring your SMART Money Card to perform this transaction.

Reload Prepaid

Reload ur prepaid using SMART Money n get 5% additional load bonus! Ex. Load P100, you get P105! To reload airtime via SMART Money Go to SMART MENU ) SMART Money ) Reload Prepaid ) Buddy/TNT/SMART Bro ) Others ) Key-in celfone # of recipient ) Select source acc ) Select reload amt. Enter ur WPIN n wait 4 confirmation. U can also reload red mobile using Buddy/TNT option. P2.50/request.


Update reload prepaid menu

To download your RELOAD PREPAID menu, just type UPDATE (space) MONEY and send to 343. For successful downloading, kindly maintain at least P1 airtime balance and phone should also have good signal and should be idle for 15mins. Avoidance of outgoing/incoming texts and calls should be observed. This transaction is free.

Update online purchase menu

Online Payment via SMART Money Mastercard enables a SMART Money MasterCard cardholder (whose account number begins with 5299-67) to purchase goods and/or services from online merchants accepting MasterCard. To update your menu, just key in INTERNET and send to 343. For successful downloading, kindly maintain at least P1 airtime balance and phone should also have good signal and should be idle for 15mins. Avoidance of outgoing/incoming texts and calls should be observed. This transaction is free.

Money Transfer

To transfer money, got to your SMART Menu> SMART Money> Transfer> Others> Enter acct num of recipient, press OK> Once ‘Transfer from’ is shown on screen, press OK> Select frm your list of card names, press OK> Key in amt to be transferred. Wait for SMS confirmation of amt transferred and your new acct balance. P2.50/trxn.


How to pay bills using SMART Money

1) Go to SMART Menu in ur cellphone, select SMART Money. 2) Select Pay Bills, press OK. 3) Select Others, press OK. 4) Enter Biller Code #, press OK. 5) Enter bill acct #, press OK. 6) U wil rceive prompt msg, press OK. 7) Select sender of funds, press ok. 8) Enter amt to pay, press OK. 9) U wil get confmation txt. 10) Enter W-PIN, press OK, u wil rceive confmation of ur trxn. For complete list of partners, go to Select Consumer Solutions, then got o SMART Money Experience> Bills Payment.

Bills payment partner institution

Here's the complete bills payment partner institution for SMART Money: 05009 - Maynilad; 05010 – Meralco; 99020 - MNTC North Luzon Expressway EC-Tag; 05012 - PLDT Landline and Landline Plus; 05014 - SkyCable/ZPdee; 06012 - SMART Bro; 03006 - SMART Gold; 02048 - Pioneer Insurance; 02024 - Sun Life Financial Plans Inc.; 02020 – Sun Life of Canada (Phils) Inc.; 99021 Easytrip Transponder; 07047 – Ateneo de Naga U; 07040 - University of Baguio; 05045- CENECO

Purchase via mobile (Added)

Experience the mobile payment convenience! Purchase at a mobile payment merchant and inform cashier u will use SMART Money Mobile(Phone) Payment (MPAY). Cashier will provide AMOUNT DUE & their STORE CODE. Just text (Store Code) space (AMOUNT) n send to 270 (ex. BB163 100 and send to 270). U will rcv an SMS notificatn of successful transaction. Purchases above P300 will require u to enter ur W-PIN.

Purchase via card

SMART Money brings you shopping spree convenience with MasterCard! Use your SMART Money as debit card in any MasterCard accredited establishments for your purchases. Simply present your card to transact.

Purchase via internet

Buying online? You can now use your SMART Money to purchase from online stores accepting MasterCard. . Ensure your SMART Money is linked to your mobile phone to enable unlocking of your account for online purchases. Download Internet Menu by texting INTERNET to 343. You must unlock your account via mobile phone before any online purchase can be made. Locking/unlocking is P2.50/txn. For more details, visit


Pasa Pera Incentive Promo

Sending money is now easier w/ Smart Money! Send funds to at least 8 friends w/in d same month and get a FREE Patok-o-Tex20 (TNT) or ALLTXT 20 (Buddy). Send money by keying in his SMART/TNT mobile #. Even ur friends w/o SMART Money can now rcv funds from u! Incentive wil b credited w/in 48 hours by the next month. Per DTI-NCR Permit# 3366, series of 2011. Promo ends July 31, 2011.


How to get a personalized SMART Money card

To apply for a Smoney personalized card, pls visit nearest Wireless Center/BDO branch n present a valid and unexpired picture ID and pay 1-time processing fee of P120. Card wil be delivered to ur preferred address after 7days for NCR or after 14days for provincial. Application may also be made online with processing fee of P100 upon card pick-up at ur preferred Wireless Center. Visit for more info.

Instant/Personalized Card Basic Application Requirements

To apply for a SMART Money Instant Card, visit d nearest SMART Wireless Center or BDO branch. Fill-out d SMART Money Application Form, present a valid and unexpired ID and bring ur SIM card. Processing fee is P100. U may also apply online via To apply for a personalized card, visit d nearest Wireless Center w/ d ff Accomplished Application Form, 1 valid and unexpired picture ID (eg driver’s license, passport, company ID, student ID, TIN, SSS).

How to activate SMART Money via cellphone (Super SIM 3 & TNT Mega SIM)

1) Go to your SMART MENU and select SMART MONEY , 2) Choose any transaction to set your Wireless Personal Identification Number (W-PIN), 3) You will receive a prompt to enter your desired SMART Money W-PIN, 4) You will receive another prompt to re-enter your W-PIN and Press OK, 5) Choose GET ACCOUNT (for first time users), press OK, 6) You will receive a confirmation message that your W-PIN has been set and that your SMART Money menu will be updated. Kindly maintain at least P1 airtime balance. This transaction is FREE.

How to activate SMART Money via cellphone (Super SIM 1 & 2)

1) Send MONEY to 343. 2) You will rceive a prompt to enter your desired Smart Money W-PIN. 3) Re-enter W-PIN and press Ok. 4) A confirmation message will be sent that W-PIN has been set and menu will be updated. Kindly maintain at least P1 airtime balance. This transaction is FREE.

Card Reactivation

Want to use your inactive SMART Money card? Let our friendly customer service representatives help you! You may dial 845-7777 using your landline or 15177 using your cellphone or visit your nearest Wireless Center and bring 1 valid picture I.D. for proof of identification.

Card Replacement

Request for a new SMART Money card to replace your damaged/defective card. Let our friendly customer service representatives help you! Visit d nearest Wireless Center n bring 1 valid picture I.D. for proof of identification OR dial 845-7777 via landline or 15177 via cellphone.

Card Delivery status

SMART Money card delivery is after 7 days from application for NCR and after 14 days for provincial. To check card delivery status, dial 845-7777 using your landline or 15177 using your cellphone.

ATM Card PIN Retrieval

Forgot your SMART Money ATM card PIN? Let us help! Just dial 845-7777 using your landline or 15177 using your cellphone.

How can I contact SMART Money?

SMART Money now have an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). This service will allow you to inquire about SMART Money Products/Services. Also, automated transaction is now available to all SMART Money Cardholders. You can now inquire your Account Balance, Card Delivery Status and Service REquest Status, just by calling 15177/845-7777. This new service is Free of Charge.

How to become a SMART Money Center

Smart Money Center is a retail outlet which provides loading and encashment services to Smart Money account holders. Application to become a SMART Money Center is open to qualified business establishments. This is your opportunity to partner with SMART and earn additional income. Apply now! For interested parties, e-mail to


What is Pasa Pera?

PASA Pera is another innovative SMART Money service that introduces mobile to mobile cash transfer. SMART Money customers can now send money to any SMART or Talk N Text Mobile number.

How to apply for Pasa Pera

To start using PasaPera service, you have to update your transfer menu by texting TRANSFER MENU to 343. After updating Transfer menu, you will be able to enter recipient’s SMART mobile number to transfer money. Update of Transfer menu is free.

How to use Pasa Pera

After updating your transfer menu , you can start using Pasa Pera by following these steps Go to your SMART Menu) SMART Money) Select Transfer, press OK) select Others, press OK. Enter the SMART Mobile number you wish to send money to then you will receive a prompt message, press ok. Then choose your SMART Money source account) Encode the amount that you will send and you will receive a prompt message, press OK. You will be asked to enter your 6-digit WPIN, press OK. You will receive a notification to confirm transaction.

How to withdraw

To withdraw money sent via PasaPera, existing SMART Money account holders can withdraw via ATM, any SMART Centers or transact over the counter at any SMART Wireless Center nationwide. For non-SMART Money account holders, virtual money account will be given and encashment can be done by doing over the counter transaction at any SMART Wireless Center.


Features and Benefits

SMART Money Payroll is a service available to business entities who employ individuals either on permanent or temp basis and are duly registered as single proprietorships, partnerships or corporations at the DTI or SEC. This Payroll and Disbursement service, provides a facility that automatically credit money straight to the employees’ individual SMART Money account n notifies each employee via text.

Request for a presentation of this service

If you want us to visit your company and present to you our service, you may email us at Please place “Presentation Request” in the subject and indicate your name, contact numbers, company name and address. We will be glad to discuss with you how SMART Money Payroll can save your company's significant time and money while offering your employees the benefits of having a SMART Money account.


About Remittance via SMART Money

Remittance to SMART Money is an affordable, fast, safe n reliable money remittance svc, linked to the benefs SMART mobile phone. Thru SMART Money, remittance sent will be received by your beneficiary in a speed of txt and comes with a free SMS notification. Since SMART Money is a product of BDO, u are guaranteed that ur money sent is secure! Visit http// or your nearest SMART WC to apply for a SMART Money card and to know more about Remittance to SMART Money.

HyperREMIT (Canada)

Quickly send remittance from Canada to Philippines for only CAD $6 via HyperREMIT. Remitters can securely send funds to their beneficiarys SMART Money account in 30 minutes. Using the SMART Money card, beneficiaries can use it to withdraw cash via ATM, shop at MasterCard accredited establishments, pay bills, reload prepaid airtime and more! For more info, visit

NCB Quick Pay (Saudi Arabia)

Quickly send remittance from Saudi Arabia to Philippines via NCB Quick Pay. Remitters can securely send funds to their nominated beneficiarys SMART Money account in seconds. Using the SMART Money card, beneficiaries can use it to withdraw cash via ATM, shop at MasterCard accredited establishments, pay bills, reload prepaid airtime and more! For more info, visit

Western Union (Worldwide)

Quickly send remittance from any Western Union branch worldwide to the Philippines. Remitters can securely send funds to their nominated beneficiarys SMART Money account in seconds. Using the SMART Money card, beneficiaries can use it to withdraw cash via ATM, shop at MasterCard accredited establishments, pay bills, reload prepaid airtime and more!

Western Union Branches (Worldwide)

Western Union is available in the ff. countries American Samoa, Bahrain, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Canada, DRC, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Northern Marianas, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Senegal, Singapore, Tanzania, UAE, Uganda, UK, US, Yemen, Zambia.


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