Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here are the latest and existing SMART Broadband Internet PROMOS

Advance Payment Scheme

Pay ur SMART Bro Residential or WiMax 999 monthly svc fees in advance and get discounts. In a single receipt, pay for 6 months in advance and get P400 off, pay for 12 months in advance and get P999 off. Payments wil b applied 2 d nxt months bill. Available in any SMART Wireless Center, using cash or credit card. Promo ends December 31, 2011.

SMART Rewards: Unlisurf 200

Get 1,000 SMART Reward points when you avail of SMART Bro Prepaid UnliSURF 200 via! Promo runs until July 15, 2011.

SMART Bro Prepaid Lifestyle

Maximize your load with SMART Bros Prepaid Lifestyle 250, 350 and 450! PL250 - Get 15hrs of surfing for P250, valid 12 days. PL350 - Get 25hrs for P350 valid for 18 days. PL450 - Get 35hrs for P450 valid for 25 days. To register, text PL250, PL350 or PL450 to 2200 or log on to http//

SMART Bro UnliSurf

Online all-day, all-night? Alright w/ d new SMART Bro UnliSURF! Enjoy 1 day unlimited surfing for P50, 2 days for P100 or 5 days for P200.To avail via SMS, text UNLISURF 50, UNLISURF 100 or UNLISURF 200 to 2200. Via Web, log-on to with ur Web Connect account. Maintain P1 to enjoy svc. Usage is counted in terms of hours.

SMART Bro Per Minute

Only surfing for a minute or two? Make the most out of your load and switch on our surf-per-minute packages! Activate online via Rate P0.33/min. Available packages PER MINUTE 60 (P60 for 3hrs, valid 2days); PER MINUTE 100 (P100 for 5hrs, valid 4 days), PER MINUTE 150 (P150 for 7.5hrs, valid 7 days)

SMART Bro All Text

SMS as you surf! Activate online via using your SMART Bro prepaid SMS facility, choose your All Text package and type in (SMS Keyword) and send to 2200. Check for list of available packages.

SMART Bro Pocket WiFi 495 Device Promo Price

For SMART Bro Pocket WiFi Plan 495, subscribers can avail the Pocket WiFi device with a monthly amortization fee of P150 for 24 months. To avail, you will need the ff valid ID, proof of billing address (such as water or electric bill), financial documents and initial cash-out of P645. Visit any Wireless Center to apply. This promo price is offered until December 31, 2011 only.


  1. Smart Bro internet below average kbps . napakabagal ng serbisyo po ninyo.

  2. before,everytime i connect for internet,the unlisurf promo immediately appear on screen,but now it didn't,though i was able to connect but its not unli,a waste of load

  3. I'm a new subscriber to globelines. For the past two days, I'm having trouble with the download speed for direct downloads (sites such as megaupload, fileserve) which I haven't experience when it was first connected.

  4. Nakakabwesit sa kabagalan ang smart bro. True.