Tuesday, April 12, 2011

www.legears.com now online!

Many friends and colleagues are asking me if I could have my own domain name for posting blog and videos along time ago.  I finally decided and recommended www.netfirms.com for cheap domain names and basic web hosting services.  That's the cheapest of all domain registrar services found on web.  Registration is no hassle. Step by step process is very easy to understand.  The tech support is available all day. Once you registered, your domain name is yours for 1 year and you can renew it for a low price. I chose the basic plan which includes 5MB of disk space on web and a simple web hosting. But I like to maintain my blogger account that's why I'm using it as hosting service to my custom domain www.legears.com.  Netfirms also offering service of privacy of domain so information of my web domain cannot be solicited by anonymous individuals. It has also services like accepting credit card for payments and other Google marketing services like webmaster tools and SEO.


  1. Hello. www.ppeso.com here. This is a nice post but I recommend http://byethost.com/ where i started my blog.

  2. I am also using wordpress blog platform for my blog. It is better than bloggger platform. Very easy to administer.

  3. Choosing a custom domain is important for the site to be live.