Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is this one of the reasons why JAPAN is devastated?

The Great Disaster

SENDAI is the most hardly hit by the tsunami after the quake magnitude 9.0 last Friday afternoon of March 11, 2011. It is located in the northeastern part of Japan. Fukushima which is 100km away from Sendai is now experiencing great Nuclear Power Crisis. The radiation is increasing rapidly due to meltdown and people within the 30 km radius zone are advise to stay inside their homes.  Food, Oil, Power are in shortage everywhere. This is the worst crisis that hit the country  after the World War II.  This is also the most expensive crisis around the world in history. About 100 billion dollars of valuables were gone.


Look at the way they treat the Ocean life. Maybe it's their culture to eat the meat of dolphins but this is wrong.  Now we knew how the Nature fought back.  The tsunami that hit Japan killed thousands of innocent people and many are still missing.

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  1. It is how our mother nature fought back..and it gave us a great lesson to each one of us....How sad knowing that there were lot of innocents who was been affected too much!..Let US keep on praying for all the people in Japan hit by this calamity..

  2. Dolphins are some of God's most lovely creatures. They are highly intelligent and sensitive. They can sense another human's need for healing and immediately begin to work with them to heal them through their expert therapy and a love only they have been able to transmit. Man's cruelty to this species in particular shows that they are doing the work of the devil so judgment would come sooner or later. We all must examine our own lives and strive to remove cruelty and all trace of sin from our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit in us.

  3. this is a lesson to learn,,

  4. the end of the world is near. we better be prepared

  5. sorry for the dolphins.