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100 years Historical Highlights of Sta. Ana Adventist Church

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March 19, 1907- In Gland, Switzerland, the General Conference passed an action to call for a "Man and Wife to take charge of the Philippine work."

November 12, 1908- Elder L.V. Finster and his wife accepted the call to the Philippines.

December 17, 1908- The missionary couple, L.V. Finster and his wife, arrived in the capital city Manila, starting the work among the Filipinos.

Year 1910-  Elder Finster began holding a large meeting in Sta. Ana, a district in the Southeastern part of Manila. At this time, four young men who played important roles in the planting of the Adventist Church in the Philippines were won.  They were Bibiano Panis, Emilio Manalaysay, Leon Roda, and Felix Manalo.

March 11, 1911- Elder I.H. Evans, Asiatic Division President, organized the First Adventist Filipino Church, at Sta. Ana in Manila, with 22 members.

After the Japanese Occupation (World War II), the remnant members of the church met in the home of Sis. Ana Ignacio at Syquia St., Sta. Ana, Manila.

When number of memership grew, the group worships in a nearby Wesleyan Methodist Church every Sabbath day.

In the early 50's, an Evangelistic Crusade was conducted by Pastor Primitivo Gonzales in a vacant lot in Del Pilar St.. The meeting place became the home of the church family for a few months.

June 1954- A small lot located between Sta. Ana Cabaret and Sta. Ana Race Track in F. Aguilar St., Makati City became the permanent home of the church family.

In its present location, the church building underwent several renovations.

Acknowledgment to Pastor Regoso for this story.
To see the program of 100th year celebration of Sta. Ana Adventist Church, click here.

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