Saturday, December 18, 2010

The NEW Philippine Peso Notes

The NEW Philippine Peso Notes

The Central Bank of the Philippines released the new generation Philippine PESO notes and it was featured first on TV last Dec 15, 2010. The new Philippine PESO notes used the same color from its previous design but added some of the famous landmarks and animals that can be found in the Philippines at its back side. They added also a lot of expensive security features so criminals can't copy and/or it will cost too much for them to make a single copy of each peso note.

New Philippine 20 peso note bill
The new Philippine 20 peso note features the younger looking picture of Ex President Manuel L. Quezon. The picture of Malacañang Palace is now on front view and the declaration of Filipino as Philippines' national language was added. At the back of 20 peso note, they added the  picture of a world heritage site which is the Banaue Rice Terraces in Benguet with a picture of a wild cat called Musang.

New Philippine 50 peso note bill
The design of the new Philippine 50 peso note features a younger looking Ex President Sergio Osmeña, with
the graphics image of the famous Leyte landing of General Douglas McArthur, Sergio Osmena and Carlos P. Romulo. The first national assembly can be seen at the left side. The Taal lake in Batangas and the pictures of Maliputo (Giant trevally fish) are featured at the back of 50 peso note.

New Philippine 100 peso note bill
The younger picture of Manuel Roxas, pictures of old Banko Sebtral ng Pilipinas Building in Intramuros and pictures of the inauguration of the 2nd republic can be seen at the front of the new Philippine 100 peso note. And at the back, the picture of  the perfect cone Mayon Volcano in Albay with the picture of Butanding (whale shark) were added.

New Philippine 200 peso note bill
The younger picture of Diosdado Macapagal with the picture of EDSA People power 2001 and a Church is in front view of the new 200 peso note. The Inauguration of Ex Pres Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was deleted at the back and it was replaced by the picture of Philippine Tarsier known also known as Boot and the pictures of chocolate hills in Bohol.

New Philippine 500 peso note bill
The husband and wife Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino can be seen at the front view of the new Philippine 500 bill with the pictures of EDSA People Power 1 in 1986 and picture of Benigno monument on Ayala Avenue, Makati. At the back the picture are the Blue-naped Parrot and  the Subterranean Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan which is nominated to be one of the new natural wonders of the World.

New Philippine 1000 peso note bill
The new P1000 peso note is almost the same with the previous design. Lim , Escoda and Abad Santos with the pictures of Centennial Celebration of Philippine Independence can be seen at the front view of this bill. At the back view are the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and the pic of South Sea Pearl.

You have just seen the new Philippine peso notes, the new Philippine peso coins to be released on 2012.  Maybe this is one if the steps that Our President Noy Aquino promised for a better Philippines.  I just hope that the value of our Philippine peso will increase soon compare to other currencies from the rest of ASIA or even to the whole world.


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