Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hope Impact 2- Pasay Adventist Church

Hope Impact event started as a nationwide activity last October 02, 2010.  But the Pasay Adventist Church on November 06, 2010 which is Saturday or Sabbath day continuously giving pamphlets about living with hope to their respective territories. They will do it every first Sabbath of each month.  We focus this day only  to Barangay (Village) San Isidro and groups which composed of 6-15 members have been separated to different streets. Our group have given the pamphlets  to the people on Batangas St., Newton St., Galvino and Copernico Streets.  This is a great experience! Sharing the gospel  to everyone.

Some people refused it but many were asking to get a copy of it.  Please pray for them that the Holy Spirit may guide them and show them the right path.  People have the right to choose which way to go but I hope the conviction of the Holy Spirit makes them realize to surrender to God and follow Him.