Saturday, November 13, 2010

Be Thankful Always

Be thankful always
Our life is really getting difficult sometimes.  Nowadays, people of this world won't be happy if they have more problems than the others.  It seems that the word "thank you" is only used when we received positive things and hardly hear when we are at worst.  But this message, will surely make you realize that being thankful is a great character even in the midst of a storm. God is there for us. Just take time to talk to Him through earnest prayers, singing psalms and most specially by reading the Bible. A Miracle will happen if we believe Him.

Pastor Elexiz is a great preacher, a faithful servant of God. He is now working as a Pastor in a Christian fellowship called Sola Scriptura Fellowship held at Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.  He's still in young adult stage but because he surrendered himself to God completely,  he is now doing bigger tasks, large evangelism efforts in different places.

If you want to hear the message of Pastor Elexiz Mercado entitled "Be thankful Always" during the Divine worship on November 13, 2010 at CAA Seventh-day Adventist Church, click play below or visit on youtube.

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  1. I was raised in a family that not accustomed to the thank you thing. Yes, we are Christian family. Let alone thank to God, thank to man was very hard for me in the early life of my life until I was in late teens. I learned many things from the bible and the people, you are true, a thankful heart is miracle. Now, I can say thank you easily, let alone to man, I am accustomed to say thank you to God earnestly for whatever happen.